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Re: Wine and itunes

Raquel wrote: 

> On Wed, 6 May 2009 08:56:15 -0400
> Christopher Judd <judd@wadsworth.org> wrote:
> > My son is fed up with Windows and wants to purge it from his
> > system, and run ubuntu or debian.  The only thing holding him back
> > at this time is itunes.  
> You will hear a lot of "it works with $someplayer".  That is a VERY
> broad statement considering all the different iPods and generations
> of iPods.  For instance, just moving files from a player to a 4th gen
> Nano will make it unusable and make it necessary to start over again
> by using a Windows/mac machine and iTunes.  I know.  I have a 4th gen
> Nano and have tried.  I have made several trips over to the
> neighbor's house to use iTunes.

That just means you're using an outdated version of libgpod which does not
understand the iPod's encrypted database, and so cannot write to it properly.
The database gets corrupted and it looks like there's nothing on it.

You just need to upgrade to a newer version of libgpod. You should drop by the
IRC channel at #gtkpod, that's where I got help so many months ago when I was
running into the same problem.


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