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squeeze, dns, fetchmail error

How to troubleshoot this error?  I've done hours of googling but can't 
find anything that helps.

fetchmail: couldn't find canonical DNS name of pop-server.triad.rr.com 
(pop-server.triad.rr.com): Name or service not known
fetchmail: Query status=11 (DNS)

If I replace "pop-server.triad.rr.com" with the IP in .fetchmailrc, then 
fetchmail works fine, and very fast. ping and nslookup get the dns done 
as expected.

Here is my ~/.fetchmailrc:

# pop-server.triad.rr.com
# IP is

poll pop-server.triad.rr.com  proto pop3  auth password 
	user "hlawson"  password  "PASSWD"
	sslproto ssl23

Something very similar happens with emacs gnus in relation to its news 
server.  This is a squeeze trial install. My regular Debian is lenny, 
and it works fine.  

For some reason, squeeze puts the ethernet interface on eth0, while in 
lenny it's eth1.

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