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Re: Wine and itunes

Christopher Judd wrote:
> 	My son is fed up with Windows and wants to purge it from his system, 
> and run ubuntu or debian.  The only thing holding him back at this time 
> is itunes.  

Sorry not directly related to your question, but anyway: I have never
used itunes, but I use amarok on my debian lenny system with my ipod as
well as for listening/managing my music on the computer. Without really
having tried itunes, I don't think that any feature is missing in
amarok. I rather believe that itunes might have some features missing,
that are available for amarok. I can copy to/from ipods, automatically
check and download podcasts, listen/record radio ...

If your son fears there really is something in itunes that he would miss
in debian, I'm sure there is someone on this list to wipe out these

Amarok rocks and debian rules 8-)


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