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Re: [OT] netbook recommendation

On Tue, May 05, 2009 at 03:00:56PM EDT, Stackpole, Chris wrote:


> My wife /loves/ her Ubuntu based Dell Mini 9. Personally, the only
> drawback for me is I really don't like the keyboard. They rearranged the
> key placement for some of the keys and it really messes me up sometime
> (eg: the | is to the bottom right of the keyboard...something I use all
> the time on the CLI). 

Criminal, if you ask me :)

First reaction when I read this is that since they "rearranged" .. why
don't you re-arrange back to sanity by switching the keys in software
via xmodmap or other..??

Am I missing something?


> The worse part was that for some unknown reason every 5 seconds
> everything would freeze momentarily. Not long, but enough to be annoying
> when you are playing Tetris 

Tetris addict myself, so .. yes, _nothing_ could be more annoying. 


Make sure this is really a hardware problem.. 

I had a similar issue (my ltris average scores went down from 300 lines
and up to about 30 :) when I upgraded from sarge to etch.. 

Eventually, it turned out that this had nothing to do with the upgrade
or running a new version of ltris.. about the time I upgraded, I somehow
activated something in ELinks that caused peaks of massive CPU activity
which resulted in micro freezes of the keyboard/display for a period so
short that top/htop with their default sampling rates showed nothing.

You may be able to see something interesting by running top and changing
the sampling window from the default three seconds to something much
smaller and see if any process has surges of CPU use.. 

Please ignore if irrelevant.


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