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Re: Great experience with debootstrap

Harry Rickards:
> I just thought I'd tell everyone about the great experience I've had  
> recently with debootstrap.

Congratulations! I used deboostrap once to install Debian on a remote
machine via SSH using only the swap partition as the initial root
filesystem. Installing Debian has become too easy, you have to *look*
for thrills nowadays. :)

> The one thing I have noticed is that no matter what theme I change  
> openbox to, the background of a window (the bit that is blank, or is a  
> menu) always stays an ugly shade of grey. Is there a way to somehow  
> change this to the nicer colour used in Ubuntu (and I think also a GNOME 
> or XFCE install of Debian)? I know in Ubuntu this was provided by the 
> ubuntu-artwork package. Thanks.

You are probably looking for something like xsetroot. I have no idea how
openbox handles background images.

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