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Great experience with debootstrap

I just thought I'd tell everyone about the great experience I've had recently with debootstrap. My PC can't run off of a normal Debian disc, as the X server refuses to boot, saying that no suitable screens are found, and my wireless card (Edimax EW-7318USg) doesn't work as thr the rt73usb wireless firmware drivers aren't installed. As my only net connection is wireless, I can't download the rt73 firmware via apt, and I never seem to get all the depndencies when downloading from another PC. Because of these reasons, I've used Ubuntu for my main PC as it comes with out of the box (or disc ;) ) support for my graphics card and wireless adaptor, and Debian (Lenny) for my VPS (Virtual Private Server) which provides my mail.

However, I recently decided to try installing Debian again, but chroot into it from another distro with wifi support and get the neccesary firmware. I noticed that I had a spare partition, which I origionally intended to be used for a LFS (Linux From Scratch) install, until I realised I wouldn't be able to get packaged security updates.

I mounted the partition, and installed a Sid base system using debootstrap (thanks to the help of Appendix D of the Debian Installation Guide). I then chrooted into it and setup fstab so that my existing /home partition would be mounted correctly. I installed and configured Grub, and I also setup my wireless networking by installing the rt73 firmware and iwconfig. Then I installed Xorg and openbox.

After rebooting I had a fresh Sid install, which had working Xorg and more importantly wireless. My Firefox profile was even kept, as my home directory stayed the same. Thank you to the debootstrap developers for creating such an excellent tool, as without it I would have had to manually download the packages needed for my wireless and graphics and their hundreds of dependencies individually.

The one thing I have noticed is that no matter what theme I change openbox to, the background of a window (the bit that is blank, or is a menu) always stays an ugly shade of grey. Is there a way to somehow change this to the nicer colour used in Ubuntu (and I think also a GNOME or XFCE install of Debian)? I know in Ubuntu this was provided by the ubuntu-artwork package. Thanks.

Many thanks
Harry Rickards (a.k.a l33tmyst)

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