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Re: kernel-package??

On Fri, May 01 2009, Randy Patterson wrote:

> My intention at this point is to make a detailed list of the
> components on a particular system so I can remove everything that is
> not needed. These would be older systems that will never be upgraded
> or need new hardware so the kernel don't need a lot of options
> concerning hardware. For example, I have used ext3 on the drives and
> they don't need to access anything else and will remove all support
> for ext2, ext4, NTFS and everything else.  I intend to compile
> everything into the kernel without using modules. It's my
> understanding from what I have read that this will result in a leaner
> and some what faster kernel for that system. Is that a reasonable
> assumption and approach?

        This is what I do. I do not use modules or initramfs, and it has
 cut down my boot time by about 50%, according to bootchard.

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