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Re: kernel-package??

Randy Patterson wrote:
So on a dedicated system that is used for nothing but running a processor intensive application 24/7, do you think there would be any real increase in performance from a custom kernel?

My gut reaction is "no," but I do not claim to have data to back that up. If there is a measurable inefficiency introduced into system calls to a loaded module versus a built-in module, then you could arguably get some minimal throughput gain over a long time period given the situation you're describing.

For actual data, you might try asking on the mailing list for the Debian Kernel Team, or even at the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Please read some FAQs first, because this may well be a question that has been asked-and-answered to death.

Since you're admittedly using "older" systems anyway, we're talking about (at the very most) losing a tiny percentage of efficiency on machines that weren't going to be the major contributors of throughput in the first place. I'm thinking I would be a Bad and Evil person if I encouraged you to custom compile your own kernels for _only_ the purpose you are describing. (If there were some educational goal on your own part that you were pursuing, it would start to make more sense, IMHO.)


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