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Re: network configuration for Eth0

On Fri May 1 2009, Bob Cox wrote:
> > Nitpick: 'network' and 'broadcast' are optional and gateway is necessary
> > only if this interface is used to connect to the internet.
> Good points.  I like nitpicking ;-)
> As an aside, I use static IPs on everything here with no wireless and
> all manually configured as per my example.  
that is what I am trying to do, take away the DHCP and make them static. I 
have my desktop, a laptop that I connect using a wired connection, and my 
wifes laptop. I also have some other test servers that get turned on every so 
I am using dyndns and port forwarding to my desktop for http..  so I want a 
static IP in my network for my desktop.

> The only exception to this is a recently acquired laptop with which I
> wanted to use both wireless and DHCP and be able to control it all from
> a GUI interface; something I have not done before.  I tried and failed
> with the kde front-end to network manager and in the end purged all
> traces of them and installing wicd ("aptitude show wicd" describes it
> well).  It is really excellent and just works, seamlessly restoring
> networking after suspending and so on and allowing easy switching from
> wired to wireless and so on.

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Registered Ubuntu User #12459

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