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Re: Question about get-selections

In <[🔎] 20090501183939.GA10027@think.homelan>, Andrei Popescu wrote:
>On Fri,01.May.09, 13:26:50, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> Because we are talking about restoring the saved state, and which package
>> satisfies an "virtual | package-i-don't-like | package-i-like"
>> Depend/Recommend does matter, even if that package is marked automatically
>> installed.
>I can't talk for others, but if that package was automatically installed
>on my system then I didn't care about possible alternatives ;)

You do if the order the alternatives are listed has changed and it confuses 
the dependency resolver when you are installing.  Ideally, this would be so 
scriptable as to be non-interactive -- which is why I included instructions 
for saving/restoring debconf data as well.  You won't have debconf data for 
the alternative you didn't have installed, so you will have to configure it 
when you already have a working configuration for something else.

Even if you think you do care, you probably do.  Either that, or you have a 
different goal.
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