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Re: Question about get-selections

In <[🔎] 20090501074519.GU10027@think.homelan>, Andrei Popescu wrote:
>On Thu,30.Apr.09, 20:59:40, J.M.Roth wrote:
>> dpkg --get-selections | awk '$2 == "install"' > packagesNG_installed
>> aptitude -F '%p' search '~i~M' > packagesNG_autoinstalled
>I'm curious, why not replace these two with
>aptitude -F '%p' search '~i!~M' > packagesNG_not_autoinstalled
>Auto-installed packages are really not important (at least for me) and
>they might change from one version to the other of some package. Let
>apt/aptitude figure out what additional packages need to be installed,
>that's what they were created for.

Because we are talking about restoring the saved state, and which package 
satisfies an "virtual | package-i-don't-like | package-i-like" 
Depend/Recommend does matter, even if that package is marked automatically 

It is possible that some of the packages you capture with the dpkg --get-
selections end up not being installed at all if the Depends/Recommends change 
because package versions have moved forward between your save and your 
restore.  However, having them in the "install" and "automatically installed" 
state gives hints to the dependency resolver about which package(s) you want 
to satisfy dependencies.
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