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Re: xorg (fglrx, radeon, radeonhd, vesa) not working after upgrade

thveillon.debian wrote:

> So maybe you have another problem on top of that,

Yes, of course, that's the reason for my posting.

> some leftovers from fglrx installation that don't go well with free
> drivers, like proprietary libGL maybe ?

Unlikely. In the past I have switched between fglrx, radeon and vesa
quite some times if one or the other did have some issue. And switching
to another one always worked without having to change more than the
driver line in the xorg.conf file.

It looks like the new Xorg has some very fundamental change which I am
not aware of.

So, if anybody has any comments wrt. to the configuration and log files
I presented in my initial posting, I'm very grateful for hearing them.


Stefan Bellon

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