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Re: Admit that the typical Debian machine has tons of cruft(8)

Dne, 24. 04. 2009 03:22:12 je jidanni@jidanni.org napisal(a):
> Admit that the typical Debian machine has tons of cruft(8)
> $ man cruft
>   cruft - Check the filesystem for cruft (missing and unexplained
> files)
> Mainly I'm talking about those unexplained files. Even just
> # cruft -d /
> will probably produce tons of output on any system that has been 
> under
> real use for more than a few weeks.
> Plenty of unknown students without hall passes wandering around the
> Debian High School. Mucho unregistered aliens camping under the 
> Debian
> highway overpasses.
> I won't name names but one must admit that squeaky clean Debian
> systems
> are few in reality.
> The problem seems mainly those immigrant families (packages) that 
> come
> to our shores (systems) and then create all those children (files)
> without registering them properly (so dlocate will know about them,
> but
> currently they must present a list of names upon arrival at our
> shores,
> and there is no way to update it dynamically later...)
> So what? Well, when one finds an old dog (file) that is causing some
> error,
> one sees if it has an owner (via dlocate), before shooting it (rm),
> and
> hoping it was mere bygone left behind, and not an important but
> unregistered file.
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Your parallel with "unregistered aliens" is extremely malaprop, even 
more so in the context of an 
operating system that professes to be the _universal_ operating system. 
I like to think it was just an (unwitty) attempt at being "funny"?

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