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Re: openoffice_impress troubles konqueror??

hi david,
looked at htop while converting the large odp-file into a ppt (ms) file. cpu-use rose till a *100* percent :(

a new proof for openoffice as a cpu and memory-eater. yet i will keep using it: the program has great advantages too.

the scientists i know live IMO under the heel of pure commercially orientated bureaucrats; i guess like almost everywhere nowadays. thanks again for your suggestions: the rest of them i will attend to this weekend,



David Fox wrote:
On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 8:56 AM, steef <debian.linux@home.nl> wrote:
hi list,

please read this explanation with some patience.

for my wife i produce large files (slides) with openoffice_impress upto 140
MB. for her presentations. before hearings of scientists i have to convert
these files into  .ppt (windows) files.

Tell the scientists they should use Open Office. :)

140 MB sounds huge. Have you investigated (top, iostat, vmstat, etc)
to see where the bottleneck might be? Are you trying to use konqueror
at the same time as Impress?

I have never tried to make files that big with Open Office but I
suspect you may have some memory capacity problems. That's why I
suggest top to see what resource Open Office is trying to use while
you manipulate that file.

I'm curious why Konqueror would "thrash" on that directory as well
(provided you aren't trying it at the same time as Impress is open) -
does it exhibit similar behavior if opened in a different directory? I
wonder if it is trying to open the .ppt file since it sees it in the
directory in order to display a thumbnail and then deciding that it is
going to take an awful lot of VM to do what you've asked for. strace
might help to get a feel for what is actually going on.

What are the specs on the machine you are using? Can you easily upgrade the RAM?

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