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Re: Blank TTYs using the nvidia binary driver

Hi *,

thank you all for your help on this issue. With Justins advice on the nvnews forum thread I was able to fix it using the

 $ cat /etc/modprobe.d/options
 options nvidia NVreg_UseVBios=0

workaround. I wonder that I didn't stumbled over this thread during research. However, now it's time to challenge luck with the vesafb graphic driver turned on.

Again, thanks very much, you've rescued me from getting mad about blank tty's.

Kind Regards,

Justin The Cynical wrote:
Steve Kreyer wrote:
Hi all,

I have a problem using my TTYs in conjunction with the nvidia binary driver: When I want to switch to any tty using Ctrl+Alt+FX, the graphic card doesn't want to output anything, and my monitor turns off.

This is an old issue with the NVidia binary blog drivers. I've had this problem as well on my laptop, but not an older AGP card.

This thread on the nvidia forums may have your fix:


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