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Re: Missing dependencies of soundtracker

On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 22:22:24 +0200, Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Sunday 12 April 2009 20:51, Florian Kulzer wrote:
> > On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 18:07:03 +0200, Marcin Kłapkowski wrote:
> > > Florian Kulzer pisze:
> > >> On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 16:00:14 +0200, Marcin Kłapkowski wrote:
> > >>> Hi,
> > >>>
> > >>> I would like to install soundtracker (it's one of the best tracker
> > >>> I've  heard and used before).
> > >>> I'm using sid, and in repo there is version 0.6.8-2+b1 of soundtracker.
> > >>> But, I get missing dependencies:


> > >> You could also try the soundtracker-gtk2 package mentioned in bug
> > >> #519641.


> > I have have no idea if the soundtracker program itself will still work -
> > see also Nigel's earlier message about its state on Lenny - and keeping
> > soundtracker installed and running on Sid will probably become more and
> > more difficult as Sid evolves further and further away from Lenny.


> I've just booted up my Etch install, which is on the same machine as Lenny.and 
> soundtracker works ok, without any problem on Etch. It appears to be an 
> earlier version of Soundtracker though (0.6.8-2 (stable)).
> Perhaps I should contact  the Soundtracker maintainer who appears to be:
> Junichi Uskawa <dancer At debian DOT org>
> It's a shame when the authors/maintainers of packages have lost interest in 
> providing support for the packages that they have been maintaining. 

The soundtracker project seems to be dead upstream since 2006 and it
needs GTK1. I can see why a maintainer would lose interest.  

> I suppose we could always install soundtracker from a source tarball. I've 
> dealt with dependency hell before, and it's not a lot of fun, but sometimes 
> with a bit of help from the lists, you can get the app up, and running.

I just tried to build the GTK2 version from Barry deFreese's updated
version of the source package. The build did not succeed; I suspect that
might be due to my system being 64bit. I cannot invest more time in this
problem; you can try your luck yourself:

dget http://people.debian.org/~bdefreese/soundtracker_gtk2/soundtracker_0.6.8.gtk2.20080114-0.1.dsc
cd soundtracker-0.6.8.gtk2.20080114/
dpkg-checkbuilddeps debian/control
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc
cd ..

(You will need the packages "build-essential" and "devscripts", as well
 as all missing dependencies listed by dpkg-checkbuilddeps.)

If you succeed in building this package, at least on i386, then it might
be easier to convince the maintainer to keep the package alive.

Regards,            | http://users.icfo.es/Florian.Kulzer
          Florian   |

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