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Re: Lenny overheating, preventing installation

Dne sobota 11 april 2009 ob 10:47:36 je Jochen Schulz napisal(a):
> Klistvud:
> > Starting the new 5.00 Lenny DVD and selecting (any type of) install, some
> > 5 to 10 minutes into the installation process, my laptop overheats and
> > shuts down. It's a HP Compaq 6715b with an AMD Turion 64 and an ATI
> > Radeon 1200. Needless to say, I have the BIOS option "Fan always ON when
> > on AC power" set to enabled, but to no avail.
> Does that mean that the fan doesn't turn on at all?
> It may help to disable ACPI during installation (boot parameter
> acpi=off).
> J.

On the contrary, the fan is at its max from the boot on. Problem is, it's no 
match for my dual-core Turion when running at its max (2 GHz with 100% CPU 
usage). I think it's by design, this laptop just isn't designed to be running 
at 100% CPU usage for more than 5 to 10 minutes in a row.

@acpi=off. I came to that idea too, but have one important question: if I 
install the OS with acpi=off, will I be able to enable acpi later on? You see, 
I WOULD very much like to use suspend2ram, suspend2disk, CPU 
scaling/throttling, display dimming and other capabilities that are offered by 
this laptop.

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