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Re: Disabling RSA host key check temporarily

On Wed, 08 Apr 2009 04:18:58 +0300, Dotan Cohen posted:

>> https://lists.ubuntu.com/
> Thank you, Ken, I am aware of that list and subscribe to it. That list is
> great for Microsoft bashing, discussing animal-themed backgrounds twice a
> year, and bikesheding. Technical issues are understood by a overwhelmed
> and outvoiced minority there. Which is quite why I posted my question
> here.
Humm, would you care to repeat this over on those lists? Res would agree
with you.

> Do you feel that my question was OT for the Debian list? Are
> Debian-derived distros considered taboo by yourself or other list members?
> Would the issue have been different had I been on a clean Debian install
> and not a Debian-derived installation? These are serious questions, not
> trolls. If I'm on the wrong turf just let me know.

You need to identify what distro you are using because there are
differences among them (this includes branches of Debian) which can make a
difference in what specific advice is given. It's not up to the poster
asking for help to decide if the issue is generic or not, posters asking
for help often misjudge things, the poster should give clear, correct,
and, as far as possible, complete data about the environment and the
problem. This is nothing about elitism, that is another issue.

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