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Re: install daemon without starting it

On Mon, Apr 06 2009, Barclay, Daniel wrote:

> Nuno Magalhães wrote:
>>>> is it possible to install a daemon from a Debian package without having
>>>> it automatically started afterwards?
>> At the risk of starting a holy war, and kind of highjaking, shouldn't
>> Debian *not* start just-installed daemons by default? Or at least ask
>> while installing if such daemon is to be started automatically (like
>> sshd does, i think)?
> Debian should at least make clear whether a daemon was configured to
> start automatically.

        This is the default behaviour, and thus should not be
 communicated on a per package basis. I would hate to be bombarded with
 such messages. Once would be adequate. 

> Debian packages should probably have some kind of post-installation
> read-me file to tell you essential things about an installed package
> (e.g, the commands now available; the manual/info/etc. pages now
> avaible; daemons automatically started, or what remaining steps you
> need to perform manually before starting the daemon automatically.)

> Debian packages should have some standard place to go to to see those
> latter kinds of information.  If it did, that place could also hold
> an indication of any daemons started (or installed but pending further
> configuration) by installing a package.

        This is what the package description  is about, no? You uread
 the package description to see if you do or do not want tostart the

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