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Re: install daemon without starting it

Title: Re: install daemon without starting it

Nuno Magalhães wrote:
>>> is it possible to install a daemon from a Debian package without having
>>> it automatically started afterwards?
> At the risk of starting a holy war, and kind of highjaking, shouldn't
> Debian *not* start just-installed daemons by default? Or at least ask
> while installing if such daemon is to be started automatically (like
> sshd does, i think)?

Debian should at least make clear whether a daemon was configured to
start automatically.

Debian packages should probably have some kind of post-installation
read-me file to tell you essential things about an installed package
(e.g, the commands now available; the manual/info/etc. pages now
avaible; daemons automatically started, or what remaining steps you
need to perform manually before starting the daemon automatically.)

Remember source tarballs?  They have to have a read-me file to tell
you how the build the software.  The read-me files also typically
tell you what commands are available once you build and install the
software, and point to documentation.

Debian packages should have some standard place to go to to see those
latter kinds of information.  If it did, that place could also hold
an indication of any daemons started (or installed but pending further
configuration) by installing a package.

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