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Re: Debian's glacial movement--a rant

On Mon,06.Apr.09, 13:32:35, Jeff Chimene wrote:

> For this reason, I rarely rely on Debianized versions of packages  
> important to my personal productivity. For example, Firefox, Java,  
> OpenOffice, Eclipse, Google Web Toolkit, Thunderbird are all installed  
> from their respective sites. I consider it an important aspect of Debian  
> that I can install into /usr/local and not trash the distro. That  
> doesn't always work (certain Perl modules come to mind).

It's always the same question, do you want a system that doesn't change 
for ~ 1.5 years or do you always want to have the latest version of the 
application you are using (with the inherent risks).

In my opinion rarely the new version brings new features *so important* 
that one just has to get it. But OTOH I do run unstable ;) (definitely 
*not* a production machine)

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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