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Re: HELP!!! trying to recover crashed system - raid recovery?

Christofer C. Bell wrote:
    If anybody has any suggestions on how to rebuild RAID sets (or
    pointers to a good HOWTO), that would be very much appreciated.

I've never used Sarge so I don't know what md tools exist in that environment. To rebuild a raid using mdadm, it's as simple as this:

# mdadm --remove /dev/md0 /dev/hdb1

Then replace the disk with the good one.

# mdadm --add /dev/md0 /dev/hdb1

well that seems to almost work

on 3 of 4 raid sets, this works, the mirrors resync and all is good

on the 4th raid set, after adding 2 drives (partitions) to the set,

mdadm --detail /dev/md2 shows
       Version : 00.90.01
 Creation Time : Thu Jul 20 06:15:18 2006
    Raid Level : raid1
   Device Size : 97659008 (93.13 GiB 100.00 GB)
  Raid Devices : 2
 Total Devices : 3
Preferred Minor : 2
   Persistence : Superblock is persistent

   Update Time : Fri Apr  3 10:06:41 2009
         State : active, degraded
Active Devices : 0
Working Devices : 3
Failed Devices : 0
 Spare Devices : 3

   Number   Major   Minor   RaidDevice State
      0       8       51        0      spare rebuilding   /dev/sdd3
      1       8       35        1      spare rebuilding   /dev/sdc3

      2       8       19        -      spare   /dev/sdb3

and cat /proc/mdstat shows:
md2 : inactive sdc3[1] sdd3[0] sdb3[2]
     292977024 blocks

any idea what "rebuilding" means and why mdadm shows active, while /proc/mdstat shows inactive?

more to the point, what do I do about this?



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Traverse Technologies 145 Tremont Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA  02111

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