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Re: usb drive (ntfs file system) not mounted automatically in debian 5.0 lenny

Vivek Sahukar wrote:

> I have debian 5.0 lenny installed on my laptop; with windows xp service
> pack 2 installed in separate partitions of hard drive.my flash drive (vfat
> filesystem) is automatically mounted when it's plugged into usb port.
> But my external hard drive and windows partition drive (both ntfs
> filesystem) are not automatically mounted; though they are detected. (It
> shows "error while mounting")
> When I try to give the mount point and filesystem entries by entering into
> properties section it says "cannot obtain lock on media.h-mtab."
> So, I entered as super user through command line and mounted the drives
> from there by giving command "mount -t ntfs <device> <mount point>".
> I also changed the file permissions by giving command "chmod -R 777 <drive
> path>"
> I am able to access it through command line; but through graphical
> environment it says that "the contents of the folder cannot be displayed,
> because you don't have permissions".
> Please let me know how to access my drives through graphical desktop
> environment, as it's easy to navigate.
> Regards,
> Vivek Sahukar

Include these options in the mount ntfs types in your fstab:

You need ntfs-3g only if you need write access to the partition.

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