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Re: crashes without trace--module problem?

Ross Boylan wrote:
I have a new system running Lenny, amd64 architecture and 8 core Xeon
chips.  It has been crashing regularly, often after less than 24 hours

Could it be the powernow-k8 kernel module?

That appears to have been the source of system-freezing problem I was having. I disabled the powernow-k8 kernel module almost three weeks ago and have been running without incident since. Before that, my system was locking up (totally unresponsive to keyboard or mouse, monitor image stuck) as often at two or three times a day at worst, once every few days at best.

Very different hardware, though, so it might not be your issue. From what I could gather, it seems to affect some amd64 systems and it seems not to matter whether you're running a 32- or 64-bit kernel.

Michael M.

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