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video not smooth anymore after recent updates in Testing


I updated my Debian Testing machine on a few weeks ago after the Lenny
release. Since then, mplayer doesn't play the videos as smoothly as it
did earlier. When I stip forward in a video (avi video file), the video
sometime pauses as the next step and resume in jerks. Sometimes the
video just plays with random jerks throughout. This was not happening
before the upgrades. gxine also has similar (not same) trouble. I have:
 dpkg -l *mplay* *xine* | grep ^i
ii  gxine          0.5.903-4      the xine video player, GTK+/Gnome user
ii  kmplayer       1:0.10.0c-2    media player for KDE
ii  kmplayer-commo 1:0.10.0c-2    common files for kmplayer
ii  kmplayer-plugi 1:0.10.0c-2    kmplayer plugin for khtml/konqueror
ii  libarts1-xine  4:3.5.9-3      aRts plugin enabling xine support
ii  libxine1  the xine video/media player library,
ii  libxine1-bin  the xine video/media player library,
ii  libxine1-conso  libaa/libcaca/framebuffer/directfb
related p
ii  libxine1-ffmpe  MPEG-related plugins for libxine1
ii  libxine1-gnome  GNOME-related plugins for libxine1
ii  libxine1-misc-  Input, audio output and post plugins
for lib
ii  libxine1-plugi     the xine video/media player library,
meta pa
ii  libxine1-x  X desktop video output plugins for
ii  libxinerama-de 2:1.0.3-2      X11 Xinerama extension library
ii  libxinerama1   2:1.0.3-2      X11 Xinerama extension library
ii  mplayer        1:1.0.rc2svn20 The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux
ii  mplayer-skin-b 1.6-2          blue skin for mplayer
ii  phonon-backend 4:4.3.1-1      Phonon Xine 1.1.x backend
ii  totem-xine     2.22.2-5       A simple media player for the GNOME
ii  x11proto-xiner 1.1.2-5        X11 Xinerama extension wire protocol
ii  xine-ui        0.99.5+cvs2007 the xine video player, user interface

Any pointers what is going on here?



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