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getmail vs fetchmail, WAS: Re: fetchmail and DNS resolution

On Thu April 2 2009, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> Probably not an answer to the OP, but when I was having trouble with
> fetchmail a year ago I changed to getmail and the problems went away
> immediately. It's easier to configure and  more reliable.

I just recently setup fetchmail on my lenny box. Went to the Falko HOW-TO on 
sourceforge, copied one of his lines for fetchmailrc, changed it to my info, 
added the rest of my emails, domain & ISP, and all my mail started coming in 
to my local user account!. It changed my kmail setup to 1 account, from 8.
What was easier about getmail?

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Registered Ubuntu User #12459

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