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more aptitude confusion

Today 'aptitude -s install safe-upgrade' included audacity and
audacity-data. I upgraded them and now audacity doesn't work. So I go to
/var/cache/apt/archives so I could downgrade to the previous version.
However, the most recent .deb file is timestamped March 5 -- almost a
month ago and the version number is the same as what I'm currently

How could that happen?

When I say it doesn't work I mean it tells me it can't open the sound
device. However, mocp has no problem playing the file. The program is
also different in the way the menus are setup. It's reverted to the
previous display. The 'Effects' menu is back to a long list rather than
the shorter list with submenus.

I'm puzzled. More importantly, how do I get a functioning audacity?

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	-- Dale Carnegie
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