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[Solved] Re: [OT] why does mutt ask twice for the password?

H.S. wrote:
> Hello,
> I must admit that this problem is actually on Hardy. I am trying it here
> because:
> 1) I imagine there are more users familiar with mutt here
> 2) Users understand Debian based systems better here
> I hope people who do not want Ubuntu problems will spare me the flames
> while keeping in mind that I did try this on Ubuntu list earlier today
> (and, I faintly recall, a few months ago as well) with no reply. I hope
> to have better luck here.
> Finally, if nothing else, this might be an interesting riddle for mutt
> experts here.
> This is a bit strange thing for me. On a machine running Hardy, if I
> start up mutt, it asks for my password twice. I have tried to find out
> why that is so, but I am not sure what I am looking for.
> I check my mail from an imap server on our LAN in our univ. If I try to
> check the mail from another machine (not running Hardy, mostly Redhat or
> Mandrake), mutt asks for the password only once. So that rules out
> .muttrc (/home is same in all machines, it's networked) and the imap
> server and leaves the version of mutt. At least that is all I can guess.
> Any way to see what is causing this and how to solve this? The version
> of mutt on Hardy is 1.5.17+20080114-1ubuntu.

I think that it is solved. I tried searching google with different terms
now and after going through a few hoops settled on fixing the spool and
folder variables. Earlier, I had the following two lines in my .muttrc
set spoolfile=imap://imap.server.edu/INBOX.  # Default spoolfile
set folder=imap://imap.server.edu   # Dir. that contains all mail files

I just replaced imap: with imaps: and now mutt doesn't ask for the
password the second time.

Now if anyone can explain the reason behind this, it would icing on the



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