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Re: Question about proxy servers for debian packages

Paul E Condon wrote:

> I see in the aptitude package list three packages that are proxy
> servers specifically designed to proxy the package files from a Debian
> repository/mirror. There may be more than three. I didn't work very
> hard at searching. The three that I found are, apt-proxy, apt-cacher,
> and approx.
> They all have very similar descriptions. All the descriptions say that
> their particular package is easy to set up and easy to use.  Some say
> they are easier than one of the other. Has anyone done comparisons of
> these against each other? What are the points on which they actually
> differ? Do the differences matter?  And, are there any other proxy
> servers for packages that I haven't found, and are worth while?

I have been using approx for a couple of years to maintain unstable on
six machines and testing on five others.  I'm happy with it!

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