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Re: Console Video Mode / Text Size

On Sun,29.Mar.09, 19:14:13, Chris Jones wrote:

> > This will get you a list of all modes supported by your card. 
> Not quite. 
> My ATI "mach64" not only supports 1400x1050 but it's also the only mode
> I would want to use since it is my LCD panel's native mode - any other
> resolution gives me ugly blurred fonts.
> Yet, "hwinfo --framebuffer" does not list this mode.
> So it's not the card's capabilities that are listed but _maybe_ what the
> vesa fb driver is able to support for this particular card ... you won't
> offend me if you reply that the way I put it makes not sense... :-)

I admit my statement was more of a guess and it was based on the fact 
that it lists a *lot* of modes for my laptop, including the 1680x1050 
modes which are native for my TFT.

Last year (when I bought my lapton) I STFW like mad to find the proper 
mode, but all tables I could find went only up to 1280x1024. Now I'm 
trying to promote "hwinfo --framebuffer" as much as possible.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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