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Re: Console Video Mode / Text Size

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 04:39:09PM EDT, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Sun,29.Mar.09, 13:08:37, Tim McDonough wrote:
> > I have a fairly new Debian install with no GUI. How do I configure (what 
> > command or file) the console to have higher resolution and greater than 
> > an 80-column width for the text?
> Run as root:
> # hwinfo --framebuffer
> (package hwinfo, not installed by default)

I did an "hwinfo --all" .. untypically without first reading the manual
and when it started probing and my hardware started groaning I thought
hmm..  maybe I shouldn't have done that.

But thanks for the tip, all went well and I'm rather amazed at the stuff
hwinfo spits out.. especially with the --log logfile option.

> This will get you a list of all modes supported by your card. 

Not quite. 

My ATI "mach64" not only supports 1400x1050 but it's also the only mode
I would want to use since it is my LCD panel's native mode - any other
resolution gives me ugly blurred fonts.

Yet, "hwinfo --framebuffer" does not list this mode.

So it's not the card's capabilities that are listed but _maybe_ what the
vesa fb driver is able to support for this particular card ... you won't
offend me if you reply that the way I put it makes not sense... :-)

I had to enable my card's specific atyfb driver via an initramfs and ask
grub to do a "video=atyfb:1400x1050" to get what I want.

If the OP wants to dig further, I would add that he may want to take a
close look at Alex Buell's excellent "Framebuffer Howto".



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