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Re: database.php

In <[🔎] 74aa57df0903300007t7ab8746ftc12eecb4bcd0a2d6@mail.gmail.com>, hadi 
motamedi wrote:
>Dear All
>Can you please let me know how I can open the "database.php" file on my MS
>Windows client ?

.php files are (generally) PHP source code which is (mostly) plain text.  It 
is possible that the file has UNIX-style line endings (\n) instead of DOS-
style line endings (\r\n) or Mac-style line endings (\r).  If so, you can 
use the unix2dos utility to convert the line endings, or simply use a text 
editor that understands multiple types of line endings like GVim, XEMACS, or 
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