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Re: To synchronize system time witn NTP-server with no winter time shift whole year - how to?

On 2009-03-29_11:53:57, John Hasler wrote:
> Paul E Condon writes:
> > I'm not OP, but I think I also want what, I believe, he wants, namely: A
> > locale that I can select that will give me text displays of the time, and
> > text displays of file mtimes that do not mention, or use, summer time,
> > ever.
> You can configure your timezone independently of your locale.  See my
> previous message in this thread.  Your locale is just a bunch of
> environment variables grouped for convenience.
> > For me, summer-time has always been something of an annoyance.
> For me "Daylight Savings Time" has always been idiocy.
> BTW your "file mtimes" are stored in Unix time and converted to your
> timezone for display.

So the inodes in Linux file systems will have to get bigger when 64bit
Unix time really comes into eeffective use. Do you know anything about
the plans for this transition? With the recent explosion in the size
of hard disks there will be a hell of a lot if inodes to rewrite!

I don't think this is a problem, and I doubt that I'll be around when a
32bit Unix time counter rolls over. Just something to wonder about...

Paul E Condon           

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