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Re: managing audiofiles

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 00:31:15 +0100, Bernard wrote:


>                            It gave  compressed audio wav files which I  
> recuperated onto Linux. From there on, I uncompressed them using the  
> 'sox' software, then converted them into mp3 files using 'lame', which  
> processing gave satisfactory results, to be heard using any Linux  
> software such as Alsaplayer.

If you are using sox anyway then I would incorporate the trimming in
that step (see below).

> My question is this : I have recorded a file which is way too long,  
> since I started the record maybe one hour prior to the meeting that was  
> the purpose of this work. Now I hope I can trim the record in such way  
> as to discard the unwanted part, and keep what I want. How am I to trim  
> such an audio file ?   Is there a specific doc I should read for this ?

If you know the duration of the part that you want to cut off:

man sox | /usr/bin/less "+/trim start"

If you want to cut off parts with low volume:

man sox | /usr/bin/less "+/silence \[-l\]"

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