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Re: Conserving permissions on samba share

Alain JUPIN wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a shared folder (shared by samba on debian lenny), accessible
> from windows clients in which I have a folder example and his subfolders
> with the following :
> example             drwxr-x---     proprio:users
>    |-dossier1       drwxrwx---     proprio:group1
>    |-dossier2       drwxrwx---     proprio:group2
>    |-dossier3       drwxrwx---     proprio:group3
> I want to duplicate (copy, paste and rename) this folder and want that the rights of the new folder (and his subfolders) are the same that the original folder.
> Actually if I copy past and rename, I have : 
> newfolder           drwxr-x---     proprio:users
>    |-dossier1       drwxrwxr-x     proprio:users
>    |-dossier2       drwxrwxr-x     proprio:users
>    |-dossier3       drwxrwxr-x     proprio:users
> How can I duplicate a folder (and his subfolders) without resetting the permissions (from windows client of course) ?
> Is it possible ?
> Thanks a lot for your help
> Alain (and sorry for my poor english)
   In SWAT, add @users into the Force Group field.

Jerry Perkins
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