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Re: Technical Inquiry regarding Debain Linux 3.1

hadi motamedi wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 3:42 PM, Andrei Popescu
> <andreimpopescu@gmail.com <mailto:andreimpopescu@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     On Sat,28.Mar.09, 15:39:20, hadi motamedi wrote:
>     > Dear Andrei Popescu
>     > Thank you very much for your reply . But the server is halted
>     and when I
>     > press its power on key it will be lit just for a moment and then
>     goes off
>     > (without any message on the attached diplay) . But the attached
>     USB mouse
>     > has power showing that the server is power on and halted .
>     > Looking forward your reply
>     > Regards
>     > H.Motamedi
>     Sounds like hardware problem to me...
> But the server was up when trying for the fsck and just the reboot
> command not found . Are you sure it can be caused from an HW problem ? 

I agree with Andrei; sounds like a hardware problem.

I'd try unplugging all peripherals, and cables (esp. power), and maybe
opening the case and removing any plug-in devices, including drives,
RAM, video cards, modems, etc, and just have bare-as-possible
motherboard with /CPU/fans, and then put the power cable back in and
power up. Hopefully you'll get some beeps, complaining about the RAM.
Power back down, add the RAM back in, and video card if necessary, and
plug in the monitor, and try powering up again. Hopefully, you'll see
the machine respond with enough life that you can then try putting it
all back together and trying again, but if you still don't get any
video, you've definitely got a hardware problem.

Kent West                           <")))><
Westing Peacefully - http://kentwest.blogspot.com

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