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Re: 64 vs 32 lenny

Stefan Monnier wrote:
Well, I guess that is a matter of philosophy.  I did not think a bigmem
kernel was "stock".

AFAIK "stock kernel" in this context means that I did not build my own.
I just "aptitude install linux-image-2.6.28-1-686-bigmem" and go on with
my life.

Also, we might have a discussion of the meaning of the phrase "in
practice".  Personally, my "practice" is to use a 64-bit system.

Well, you said "but in practice, 64-bit is required", so if your
"practice" is to use a 64bit system, then indeed your statement is true,
tho vacuously so.

But I was wrong about it.  How does a bigmem kernel address the full
4 GB?


In practice, I think most people would agree that the PAE method is unsatisfactory. Okay, change "required" to "cleaner". 64-bit is a much "cleaner" implementation. In my opinion. It's only important if it touches many things, affects how you use it. If you "just 'aptitude install linux-image-2.6.28-1-686-bigmem' and go on with my life", then it doesn't affect you in practice, so it's not important. So I was wrong.

Mark Allums

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