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Re: 64 vs 32 lenny

prad wrote:
i've recently returned to debian on a amd64 3400+ machine with 1G ram
in it.

i am running the 32bit version of lenny.

would there be benefits to use 64bit lenny instead?

in the archives, i found posts suggesting there is no benefit unless
you are using 64-bit apps that require extra processing power like

64-bit is the future. Everyone will run it eventually. Except older computers and possibly embedded processors, such the ones that power .mp3 players and the like. ARM, Coldfire, SH-1, and so on.

Right now, there is no hurry to move from 32- to 64-bit, especially if your machine has 4 GB or less. Or you need the 64-bit architechture itself, for the extra registers, whatnot. Some number-crunching applications can benefit from it.

A downside is 64-bits not only allows more memory, it requires it. 64-bit pointers vs. 32-bit pointers. Excuse me, *addresses*.

I recommend 64-bits for new installs, but for existing setups, there is no need to update, unless you have specific needs.

Mark Allums

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