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Re: Help! Grub is broken

>[T]> A simple answer is that Linux "virus" exist as a proof-of-concept,
>> aren't any "in the wild". If you think about it, there isn't a
>> mechanism for propagation. You don't run as root do you? You can find
>> out lots more about the concept with your favourite search engine.
>[C] While they aren't common, certainly relative to those that infect
> Windows systems, I'm not sure that "there aren't any "in the wild"" is
> completely correct:

Perhaps a question of semantics. I don't actually see any indication in
that article from 2000 that indicates an "in the wild" condition. In
addition, you have to run it. I understand your post for discussion but I
don't think you want to suggest to this person that a virus is actually
causing the problem being discussed.

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