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Re: Help! Grub is broken

In <[🔎] 6a8fced30903190657k188d6c39nfbcbbd12a284aa0e@mail.gmail.com>, 明覺 wrote:
>On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 5:58 PM, Jochen Schulz <ml@well-adjusted.de> wrote:
>> 明覺:
>> > It all happened suddenly. I was editing a file in gedit 3 minutes ago,
>> > and when I was saving it, it said "readonly filesystem".
>> > then i restarted my
>> > machine, it ccould not shutdown for it said it's a readonly file
>> > system. then i pressed reset to force it restart, then it stopped at
>> > "grup loading. please wait... error 17", what happened to my machine,
>> > is it a virus?
>> First: today's viruses generally don't destroy their hosts anymore.
>you are right,  it should not be a viruses, maybe it's because my
>harddisk is broken, how to check my harddisk?

smartmontools should give you some tools for testing and querying drives.  
Its not entirely an exact science though.
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