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Re: Lenovo laptop - Type Control D to Continue

On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 17:47:13 -0700, Jimmy Johnson wrote:

> Jimmy Johnson wrote:
>> Hey Guy's I have Lenovo laptop, new "Lenny install" and I'm having to
>> type control+d to continue boot, I looked at "dmesg" and I can't make
>> what the problem is, so I post and maybe someone can figure the problem.
> Thanks Guy's, yep, the /boot/grub/menu was screwed.

Jimmy, there is more to a mailing list than just your getting help. Lots
of people read to learn and the list is archived so people with the same
or similar problem can search for possible solutions and not have to ask
the question again. To that end, it is requested that a poster who
has received help explain what was wrong with their system, what advice
fixed it and how it fixed it. Your follow-up didn't give enough
information for someone searching at a later time to receive any help from

In addition, you didn't answer the requests for more information from
people trying to help you, which might have contributed to the archived

Please contribute to help others as a demonstration of respect for
those who have helped you and good reason for others to help you in the

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