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Re: why /sys cannot be copied?

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Star Liu wrote:
>> , but
>> the /sys in the new system is a folder, so i tried to copy the sys
>> folder from new system to broken system, by cp /sys /root/OldRoot/sys,
>> but it says many files in the new sys folder cannot be read! why? how
>> could I resove the "mount: mounting /sys on /root/sys failed: Invalid
>> argument" problem?
>> also the "run-init: /sbin/init: No such file or directory" problem? thanks
> /sys is a virtual filesystem that is created by the kernel on boot. It
> is not a real file system on your hard disk. It seems obvious that your
> broken system does not have a valid /sys since it did not manage to boot
> properly. It should be automatically recreated, once your 'old' system
> boots fine.
> HTH,
> Johannes

Star Liu wrote:
>> and i fount that the /sys in the broken system is a shell file

A shell file? You should remove that file, and create a directory. Sys
will be mounted upon it automatically.

Mounting /sys on /root/sys makes no sense - could you paste the
/etc/fstab of your old system here please?

Also, not having /sbin/init is much of a problem. Is there a /sbin/init
in your old system?


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