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help! debian sid cannot boot, kerel panic - not syncing

These days my debian sid amd64 box is not stable, the last time when I
shutdown, I found some error message say the filesystem is readonly,
some /var/run/*** files cannot be removed. then after I reboot, my box
is broken down completely, with the following messages:
begin: mounting root file system.... begin:running /scripts/local-top ... done.
begin: running /scripts/local-premount... done
kjournald starting. commit interval  5 seconds
ext3-fs:mount filesystem with ordered data mode.
begin:running /script/local-bottom... done
begin:running /script/init-bottom...done
mount:mounting /sys on /root/sys failed: invaild argument
run-init:/sbin/init:I/O error
kernel panic - not syncing:attempted to kill init!
anyone can help me recover my system? thanks.

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