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Re: Forward System Messages to SSH

On Mon, 09 Mar 2009 20:26:59 -0700
Stephan <geek@wickedclips.net> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> A quick (and hopefully simply answered because I must have missed 
> something) question.
> Now and then, messages are output to the tty display, such as USB 
> devices being plugged in, etc.  Is there a way to have those messages 
> sent to an SSH terminal?  I'm using OpenSSH.

The simple way, which may be be enough for you:  IIUC, most of the
messages you'll want also go to syslog, so just run 'tail
-f /var/log/syslog' in an ssh session.

The more complicated way (speculation - I haven't tried this): see the
Remote-Serials-Console-Howto to set up linux to use a serial port (or a
USB virtual serial port) as the console, and then connect to that using
reverse telnet:


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