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Re: Advice about ext3, please

On 2009-03-08_23:15:43, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > Journaling uses significantly more disk space and does not allow for deleted
> > file recovery.
> Neither is true.  I believe you're confusing log-structured file systems
> and journalled file systems.
> > ext2 - for backup, removable, partitions rarely used, etc.
> ext2 is problematic for removable drives because if you remove the drive
> without cleanly unmounting it you risk losing your data.  So I would
> recommend ext3 for such uses.  Performance is rarely an issue, actually.
>         Stefan

That is a pretty persuasive argument. I can see the plug being pulled by
accident fairly often in the long run. ;-) 

I had pretty much decided the other way, but this, plus ... The drive is
already ext3, and wikipedia article mentions problems with reverting back
to ext2, which I would have to do. Sooooo----, I've decided to not change,
--- for now --- 


Paul E Condon           

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