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Re: Old PHP on new Debian

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> wrote:
> * Adrian Levi:
>> 2009/3/8 Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de>:
>>> * Pet:
>>>> /etc/apt/sources.list
>>> This looks fine.  How did you figure out that you had installed PHP
>>> 5.1.6?
>> He doesn't have it installed, he wants it installed.
> Ah, stupid me.
> Pet, PHP 5.1.6 is out of security support by upstream.  You might run
> into significant issues by using it.

yes, I know, but some of apps will not running on newer versions.

Unfortunately, installation doesn't work with apache together. Apache
doesn't load php module. I don't really know what to do now. After
some google I've tried to ./configure --with-apxs2=/usr/bin/apxs2. But
it is not there. Output

Sorry, I cannot run apxs.  Possible reasons follow:

1. Perl is not installed
2. apxs was not found. Try to pass the path using --with-apxs2=/path/to/apxs
3. Apache was not built using --enable-so (the apxs usage page is displayed)

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