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Re: how to produce cross-platform exe file?

2009/3/8 Eduardo M KALINOWSKI <eduardo@kalinowski.com.br>
Star Liu wrote:
> My target is to make cross-platform desktop application by gecko, now
> I have prepared a sample program, all the files are in a folder named
> myapp.
> In linux system, I can launch the app by this commmand: xulrunner-1.9
> /root/MyLife/Mozilla/myapp/application.ini
> In windows system, I can launch the app by this command: xulrunner.exe
> e:/myapp/application.ini
> I want to make a exe file, so that by double clicking the exe file,
> users can launch the app, I hope a same exe file can do it on both
> windows and linux systems, and I also hope the exe file will display
> as a selected icon.
> How could I reach it? thanks.

try downloading cross-platform app like openarena. They (openarena's developers) packaged multiple architecture and platform executables in one zip file.


You really can't have one executable that runs on Windows and Linux. The
file formats are different and not compatible.

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