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Re: Advice about ext3, please

On 2009-03-07 21:30 +0100, Paul E Condon wrote:

> I'd like some confirmation, or refutation, of some reasoning:
> I have a USB external hard drive. It came with vfat fs, but I want to
> write an ext2/3 fs on it. All my internal HD are ext3, but should this
> one be ext3, also?

That would be okay, unless you need to access it from systems that
cannot read ext3.

> Doesn't ext3 essentially write everything twice,
> first to the journal, and then to the actual target location?

No, unless you use the mount option data=journal.  See the "Mount
options for ext3" section in mount(8).

> This is OK with an internal bus interface from the CPU to the HD, but
> USB is not so fast. So I think I should not use ext3 for this HD. Is
> this correct?

AFAIK there are no special disadvantages in using ext3 for external hard


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