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Re: both bootable in raid1

On Fri, Mar 06, 2009 at 08:14:21PM +0100, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> I am looking for a debian thread instructing how to make bootable both
> disks in a mdadm raid1. I followed successfully the recipe time ago,
> don't remember how, and unfortunately i did not take notice of. Unable
> now to find the thread on the web. But I am sure there is and I need
> to reapply the recipe.

When I used software raid (now I use hardware raid), I just installed
grub to the MBR of both drives.  Since / was on /dev/mapper/mirror-root,
the kernel could always find the rootfs no matter which drive was
failed.  This was with LVM over RAID1.  I suppose without LVM's
automatic stuff, you'd want to use root=LABEL=root.


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