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Re: all config files need .conf

2009/3/6 '2+ <electriclightheads@gmail.com>:
> am running sid upgraded from etch always as root
> now it when booting ... it brings out a lot of
> "all config files need .conf"s ..
> it says that things will be ignored in the future ..
> my system  is a very simple one
> then re-installing from the stable-lenny will be the casual way to
> solve this problem?
> or would it say the same thing anyway?
> my sid is on mini9
> so ... /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base should not be ignored to bring out the sound

This is an upstream change in the handling of modprobe.d file
pattern matching. They are going to be altering it to only match
files with a .conf suffix.
There is a recent discussion on the devel list[0] which, if I understand
correctly, means that as a user it _should_ mean only that any files
you've added manually will need to be renamed in the future.


[0] http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.devel/browse_thread/thread/6f6b86fffac06b72/26ca77d13e7aef17?lnk=raot&pli=1

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